WiX v3.6 Release Candidate available.

Today we released WiX v3.6 RC. You may remember that less than two months ago we released "Release Candidate Zero". Well, we are back with fewer bugs than ever before (5) asking for you to download this release and tell us how WiX v3.6 is doing. At this point, the feature are all complete and we expect they just work. So what's left?

Everything is looking very good so there are only three areas:

  1. Bugs - there are five bugs. I expect those will fall quickly and we will mop up whatever follows. The triage bar is going up now though so expect more bugs to be pushed to WiX v3.7 or later.
  2. Documentation - not much progress has been made on documentation. The focus was bugs. With bugs low, I expect documentation will improve slowly.
  3. WiX Standard Bootstrapper Application - works a bit better and is a bit more configurable. It still looks just okay. Still an area I hope we can do something to improve.

Getting Burn stable is obviously very important. This is a v1 feature in the WiX Toolset and it ships “on CD” so it needs to be right. That’s our focus and right now everything looks positive. Try out WiX v3.6 RC and let us know what’s left. There are only a few months left.

In the meantime, keep coding. You know we are.