WiX Toolset v3.6 nears completion.

Let me lead with the punch line. The WiX toolset v3.6 production release is scheduled for Labor Day 2012. That means unless the unexpected happens, we're four weeks out from the final build of WiX toolset v3.6. So let's talk about what we do expect for the next few weeks.

First, we are closely watching the bugs. We are looking for bugs that make the toolset unusable. That means most bugs opened against WiX v3.6 now will be moved to WiX v3.7.

We will continue to do WiX v3.6 builds for the next few weeks integrating any bug fixes. We are also waiting for the release of Visual Studio 2012. We need their final release to build the .lib files that target VS2012.

Second, WiX v3.7 will be showing up very soon. The first big thing we’re doing there is a massive improvement to the WiX build process. Putting together the environment to build the WiX toolset is challenging today and something we’re finally addressing. We’ll talk about more about WiX v3.7 soon.

Finally, there is some interesting news coming in the next week or so. I’m excited to finish WiX v3.6 and looking forward to what we have coming up next.

In the meantime keep coding, you know I am!