The Goal Almost As I Saw It

I rarely post anything about the Seattle Sounders FC on my blog. However, since this was just too good not to share and I'm off Twitter for the next couple months, here we are. This clip is from the Sounders game yesterday. My seats are a few rows higher and a few rows closer to center pitch but this is pretty much exactly what I saw.

The build up went just like that. A couple groans as the ball went backwards from a repelled attack, a shift to the left side of the field, Oba being released with a pass that took him away from goal then, “Whaaaaaaat? Whooooaa-wow!” That was incredible!

Now the San Jose goal keeper is really quite good. He stopped two or three point blank shots later in the night. But there was absolutely nothing he could do with this goal. Don’t believe me? Watch the TV version next and look at his expression in the last few seconds of the clip. Priceless!

Want to watch it over and over and over? Yeah me too. What an incredible goal by Obafemi Martins.