The Startup Diaries, Blogging is Hard

Back when I started "The Startup Diaries" I mentioned how it seemed very few startups wrote about the actual startup process as it was happening. I naively thought I could do better. For a few months I did. Then for the last year and a half I didn't.

I feel bad about not keeping up the posts. Feeling bad about not posting actually added more pressure to post something. That pressure caused me to fall farther behind as I searched for the perfect topic.

Obviously the only way out is to post more often. Which was the original goal.

So why is this all so hard?

After thinking about it quite a bit, I believe the root issue is that crafting the perfect blog entry uses many of the same brain cells that I exercise all day running FireGiant. I agonize over each word trying to pick the exact right one each time.

For FireGiant, the perfection is worth it. FireGiant is about accuracy. FireGiant is about correctness. Even now I find myself slowing down, searching for the perfect words because I’m talking about FireGiant.

But my blog does not need to be perfect. Or rather I don’t want to have to be perfect on my blog. That sounds simple. Just post. Let the world sort it out.

But deep down I still fear saying something patently dumb here and having that reflect poorly on everything else I’m associated with. Particularly, FireGiant.

So, like the title says. Blogging is hard.