Double Look Up One Long Take

Today I twice called upon Cortana to "music search" the same song playing on C89.5. The first time was this morning when Bradley and I sat in the car outside daycare grooving to the beat. The second time we were again in the car but this time parked in our drive way after returning from swimming late in the evening. Obviously, something about the song caught my attention. I thought it was just the 90s break beat that felt so familiar. It turned out to be something way more surprising.

The song is called “Hideaway” by Kiesza.

So I did what I do with every song I want to learn more about (and hear again). I type what I know about it into a YouTube search box. Later I drop what I know into the Amazon search box to track down the album (usually to buy some shiny media).

This time the video YouTube found totally surprised me. I’d already seen this video. Now I knew why the song felt so familiar.

It turns out someone (I think William Gibson) posted a link at the beginning of the year to a long take music video. You may have noticed that I’m intrigued by long takes. That long take video plus the beat that took me back to when I discovered techno in high school totally hooked me. Only problem was I couldn’t find an album. It turns out Kiesza’s EP didn’t drop until July this year.

So imagine my surprise when everything came back together tonight. It’s cool when life is just be awesome like that. Anyway, here is the video for Kiesza’s “Hideaway” (supposedly she did this with a broken rib). I like it.