Forty Uno

For the last twenty years or so I've felt like I am 28. It's strange since my life now--married with two kids running my own company--is quite a bit different than it was at 28. If I'm honest, 21 was way more like 28--dating and working at Microsoft. But I'm 41 today and it's time to review.


Today, like most Tuesdays, I picked up my son after school and drove to my parent's house where my daughter spent the day. We catch up, eat dinner then the kids and I make our way home to prepare for bed time with their mother who works late on Tuesdays.

It's a great example of "quality time on the tractor".

And I treasure this flexibility in my schedule. I work a lot (as we'll see) but working from home and being able to choose my hours makes it all work out in the end.


To put it simply, this last year has been maxed out. Several different many-many-billion dollar companies approached us at FireGiant with win-win projects. It's hard to say no when a project is really positive for us and them. So we stacked one project after the other and worked non-stop. Everything should calm down for me in a couple months.

The net result is we have some cool new technology that I look forward to productizing. It's hard work but I really enjoy it.


Right now, I'm looking forward to getting a little slack in my schedule again. Right now, I literally need to get back to finishing that which we started last year.

So keep coding. You know I am!

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