Quick update on the "toolset" as per two requests.

I was hoping to hold out just a bit longer on providing yet another "toolset update" but two different requests for update in my comments here from Loren and here from Jamie prompted me to post a quick note. The "toolset" is very much on track to be released. Believe it or not everything passed through legal with flying colors. The current hold up is fallout from the reorganization of Windows late last year. Now that the reorg has completely settled down, it was decided a new set of executives really should be informed about what was going on with this "toolset" so that no one is surprised. Surprising directors and vice presidents can be particularly hazardous to your employment.

So, I'm queued on another executive's radar to present exactly what I'm trying to do with the "toolset" and why I think it is important to get it out the door. I'm also trying to make good on an implicit promise I made to a good friend of mine from college, Jack, when I accepted the offer to work at Microsoft. Jack, here's to change from within.

Until next time, keep coding, mine's getting closer to seeing daylight.


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