A WiX Night at the Movies

I just got home from the movie theater. Tonight several of the guys that regularly work on the WiX toolset (Joe, Peter, Mike, myself and Reid even showed up) skipped out early (21:50) on coding to see 300. It is something of a tradition for teams at Microsoft to occasionally go out and do something as a "morale event". 300 seemed like a perfect movie to go see since it was pretty clear none of our significant others were interested in going.

300 is a stunning movie. The battles are brutal but the presented panoramas are quite pretty. The casting was awesome even if the script was a bit stilted. Reviewers keep likening the movie to a video game which seems amazingly apropos since I first saw the trailer on my 360.

In honor of skipping out on doing much work tonight, I'm going to solely blog about the WiX toolset before I head to bed. That's about two to three hours of blogging coming your way starting now.

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