WiX Tricks: I love that logo.

A little while ago I blogged about the WiX toolset making an appearance in MSDN Magazine. Yesterday, a friend of mine pointed me to the home page of MSDN. It looked like this (still does at the time I'm writing this blog entry)

WiX toolset on MSDN homepage

Wow, right there on the top of the front page of MSDN, "above the fold". I especially love what someone (I don't know who) did with the WiX logo. Melody Fosmore (Jenny's aunt) created the original WiX toolset logo for us and I think it looks great on that top hat.

I also get a kick out of the header "WiX Tricks". I wonder if there is enough interest in the "WiX Tricks" if MSDN Magazine would consider publishing more articles under the "WiX Tricks" banner. Hmm, now that would be totally cool.

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