WiX v2 status update.

About 3 months ago, I noted that I was focused on the drive to a WiX v2 toolset final release.

Back then we were staring down six to eight bugs. Well, I’m happy to report those bugs are all gone but we still have three bugs open (yes, that means these are three new bugs). One bug is a documentation issue that Bob insists I must fix (because the differences described in the bug are very, very subtle).

I believe I have my other bug fixed on my machine at work. I just have to do a little more code clean up to get it checked in. The last issue is a bit of a feature request but Bob is looking into to see if we should just try to slip it into WiX v2 or punt it to WiX v3.

Getting those three bugs taken care of would only leave this bug about multiple IIS Web Addresses for a single site as something I might consider fixing in WiX v2. As you can see, the real bugs are still all in the CustomActions. Fredrik says he’s going to try to walk through the code and see if there are any other issues he can see via inspection. Hopefully, we’ll get these last couple issues all buttoned up in the next couple weeks. I’m still very, very busy at work so I’m not making a lot of progress on my extracurricular projects.

I would love to have a final or near final build around the WiX v2 toolset’s 3rd Open Source Anniversary on April 5th. Seems like that’d be a really nice anniversary present. Then Bob and I would be able to focus on WiX v3 with the others.