Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset 3 year anniversary!

Tonight is a momentous night for the volunteers who work on the WiX toolset. It was three years ago today that we released the WiX toolset to the world.

A number of people like to track the progress of the WiX toolset with numbers. Numbers like over 700 bugs fixed, almost 360,000 downloads and over 17,000 email messages.

For me though, its about the people. The people like Bob, Justin, K, Peter, Joe, Jordan, Mike and Fredrik who work with me week after week. The people like Gabor, Mike, Frederik and many many others who support the community in all kinds of capacities.

Working with these people to provide a toolset that integrates well with your build system and builds the highest quality Windows Installer packages possible. That’s what the WiX toolset has been about for almost 8 years now and the last three, as a part of the Open Source community, have been the most rewarding.

Tomorrow look for some key announcements about the future of the WiX toolset. The future is going to be a lot of fun!