It's like riding ghost.

I love William Gibson's novels. I was introduced to cyberpunk when I was in high school and being the geek I am I just sucked it all in. In Neuromancer there is a point where Case is able to watch Molly infiltrate Straylight via cyberspace. Somewhere I picked up the term "ghosting" (probably from some other book) for being able to see through someone else's eyes without being there. For you Halo fans, it's kinda' like Cortana hanging out in the Master Chief's head.

Well, today I rode ghost for our Systems Engineer (aka Operations people) as she went through the motions to deploy Windows Marketplace to our Staging environment. To do this, Ops sets up a Live Meeting session and I get to watch the whole deployment go down. Unfortunately, ghosting today was more like Case and Molly than Cortana and Master Chief since the only way to communicate was through Windows Messenger. It is amazing how slow things get when you have to type your words.

The whole thing reminded me of a quote on a poster I used to have hanging in my bedroom when I was still in high school. It went something like, "In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream."

No, it wasn't that bad but the quote is fun.

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