There is no "I" in "team" but there is "me".

The last couple days have been just draining. Actually, the last few weeks have been draining. Lots of communicating but not lots of action. Lack of action means lack of progress. Lack of progress despite lots of energy expenditure means draining.

Tonight was Thursday so it was also the night that a bunch of us get together to work on the WiX toolset. Joe, Peter and Aaron were already there when I sat down heavily. Joe immediately noted that I just looked tired. I was. Riding ghost was surprisingly taxing.

Then Peter pushed over the sandwich from Jersey Mike's. "I got you your usual since I figured you were busy," he said. I had been. I missed the 6 PM deadline for sandwich orders tonight. But Peter was awesome enough to anticipate the need anyway.

That immediately brightened up my evening.

I love working with all these guys (no women at the moment) on the WiX toolset because I feel like we're really part of a cohesive team. We write code. We joke around. We catch up on current events. We pull together even though there are no managerial or contractual ties to bind us. Work gets done and we have fun doing it.

All of the above is why I look forward to Thursday nights.

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