Promoting from within.

For most people this isn't going to be a surprise and many may even ask what took so long. To be truthful the keys were granted a few weeks ago, I'm just finally getting around to blogging about it.

Over the last couple years, Bob Arnson has become a vital member of the WiX toolset going far beyond the call of duty. His first core role was taking ownership of the WiX UI providing some key functionality to the WiX community. Bob also became the regular “answerer of questions” on the wix-users mailing list taking a huge load off my shoulders. In the last year, Bob has contributed to all facets of the toolset and participates in or leads all major decision making for the WiX toolset.

Needless to say, Bob has become a vital member of the WiX community and I appreciate his efforts whole heartedly. I rely on Bob’s contributions so much that three weeks ago I promoted him to co-administrator of the WiX toolset on SourceForge

Like all good promotions, nothing really changes (well, there is a 100% increase in pay). Bob has already been doing this job for a while now and we’re really just improving our bus factor.

Seriously, though, this is recognition of Bob’s outstanding work on the WiX toolset. If you haven’t sent a happy thought to your friendly neighborhood WiX volunteer, send a happy-gram to Bob and thank him for his efforts.