Its more about context than content.

Qik is working on my phone again so I thought I'd try getting back on the video horse. I conned Bob into holding the phone for me. But, I was still nervous about starting.

So, we were talking a little bit and I realized that I was starting to address a comment left on my blog a long time ago. The comment went something like, “I prefer when you write blog entries instead of embedding video content because I can digest the text better than the images.”

To loosen up a bit, I told Bob to record and I’d take a shot at answering the comment:

Qik no longer available.

So to summarize, these videos aren’t really intended to deliver technical content. Instead they are attempts to provide more context about the people that are doing the technical things. There is a lot more to the people that write the letters that appear on your screen and I’m experimenting with ways of expressing that.

I’m obviously still experimenting with the new technology here so your feedback is very interesting to me.