Anniversary at the end of the beginning.

A year ago I wrote about the quiet day of reflection on my first wedding anniversary. Today was a weekday, a work day and my job rarely allows the time to sit back and think about where I've been and what I've done personally. So I bailed early and ran a few errands gathering components for the small gift I gave Jenny tonight when we celebrated.

While running errands and after watching the historic events of the evening, I reflected on the last year. Easily the most dramatic event of the last year has been the process of selling “my” house and buying “our” house. We don’t get to move in until this weekend but I had the vague notion that some “next phase of life” was around the corner when I “my” house was sold and completely empty a couple weeks ago.

At this point, my friends probably think (and my parents probably hope) that I mean “kids” but I don’t. Not yet anyway. I think it’s something simpler than that. Something like the end of the beginning.

Normally when I think of “the end of the beginning” “the beginning of the end” immediately comes to mind. But not this time. Instead I’m thinking “comfortable”. Not the type of comfortable where you stop doing and stop growing. More the type of comfortable that serves as a solid foundation for reaching further and doing bigger things, new things.

Now, I don’t know what those things are right now, I haven’t turned that corner yet, but one thing is certain to me. I am officially declaring November 4th a personal holiday. From now on I will be taking that day off every year. After that, I don’t know. For now… I’ll just keep coding. <smile/>