Geek humor: I am a duplicated bot.

Every once in a while something amusing happens on the wix-users mailing list that makes me chuckle. Sometimes, when they are short, I post them to my Twitter account. This morning I came across a new email to the mailing that started with "Hi Rob" which seemed a bit odd since there are hundreds of people on the list.

Sébastien Mouren apparently found it interesting too since he made an amusing response:

Hi, it's not Rob here.

I’m Sébastien, a duplicated bot that has inherited a limited part of Wix Rob’s knowledge. I am not a fully featured Wix bot since I’m not able to develop for the Wix toolkit.

But has your question has reached the “read documentation” level technical support, I’m able to understand it and hopefully to answer it.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said I wish I had a clone to get everything done. Little did I know it had already happened! In this case, even with the limited inheritance, more bots out there answering WiX questions well (or, at least, amusingly) is much appreciated.

And Sébastien thanks for the chuckle this morning. Keep answering the questions, you know I am.