Subscription required, fortunately they are free.

In an effort to cut down on spam to the WiX mailing lists, I will be flipping the switch to require that you subscribe to the list before being allowed to send mail to it in the next few days. The hope is that the requirement for spammers to respond to a confirmation email will raise the bar high enough that they'll just leave us all alone. I also hope that this requirement doesn't scare off anyone wanting to participate in the WiX community.

Switching the mailing list to require subscription was easily the most discussed topic on the wix-users mailing list in a long time. I really appreciated all of the feedback since it made it pretty clear which way to go. I just needed to go get a few logistical things pulled together such as updating the WiX web site with information about how to join the mailing lists (the updates should go out later today).

The last bit of feedback on the thread also gave me a good laugh tonight. I'll leave you with that comment as well as the link to join the wix-users mailing list if you are interested:

> Come on, guys, all it takes is a single, emtpy e-mail to

> [email protected]?subject=subscribe

> and, I guess, a reply to a confirmation mail. Couldn't be easier...

Planting a flag on the peak of Everest is easy as well - all you have to do is press the stick firmly into the snow.

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