Call it WiX v2 "SP1".

At the beginning of the year we declared the WiX v2 toolset stable. It was a great feeling to finally have something we could point people to when they asked for a WiX toolset that was under constant development. Back then I noted that we would release new drops of WiX v2 when bad enough bugs or big enough changes showed up to warrant it.

Three things have come up:

  1. MSI 4.5 - rumor has it that MSI 4.5 will be released soon. We have all of the new functionality provided in MSI 4.5 already in WiX v3 so it will just be a matter of porting those changes back to WiX v2.

  2. MergeMod.dll - the latest version of mergemod.dll has a nasty bug in it that remained dormant until recently. Bob tracked down the issue and confirmed the bug with the Windows Installer team. We downgraded mergemod.dll in WiX v3 to an older version that doesn’t have the bug. Unfortunately, we recently realized that WiX v2 has the same broken version of mergemod.dll so we’ll release an update for that.

  3. SQL CustomAction - SFBUG:1653864 tracked a rather subtle bug that was fixed a little while ago. That fix has been ported to WiX v2 and will be in the next release.

We started off by jokingly calling this next release of WiX v2 “SP1”. The name is starting to stick so I expect we’ll stick with it. The version number will still be “2.0” (with some build number higher than “6400.0”).

Just a heads up for those of you who are currently running WiX v2. We’ll have a release candidate for WiX v2 “SP1” in the next month or so and would greatly appreciate it everyone gives it a good run through the paces. More information will be posted here and on the WiX web site soon.