WiX Working Group Wrap-up, delayed.

In my first qik, I mentioned that one of the things I was most excited about doing with Qik was a nightly "wrap-up" of the meetings on Thursday where the majority of work gets done on the WiX toolset. I tried my first "WiX Working Group Wrap-up on July 3rd" but the 19 minute video ended up only about 7 seconds long. I guessed the other 18+ minutes were sacrificed to the "alpha software demons" so I dropped them an email.

I got a response on Monday (which is pretty good considering Friday was a holiday) saying that the current Windows Mobile version of the Qik software does not retry if it loses its connection for any reason. There is a fix in testing. After having a few videos get chopped short, I am definitely looking forward for this update (with high hopes it addresses the problem).

With or without the update, I'll try another wrap-up on Qik this Thursday. Hopefully, it will all eventually take.

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