WiX toolset supports MSI 5.0.

Two weekends ago, Windows 7 beta builds were made available. That meant the new MSI SDK was available on MSDN with all the information about what's new in MSI 5.0. In turn, that meant we had some work to do to teach the WiX toolset some new tricks.

Bob and I split the work up last Wednesday. He took the “UI work” and I took the “server work”. After a couple nights of coding (interrupted by all the other things we get interrupted by) we had all of the functionality designed, built, debugged and posted to SourceForge in the latest WiX toolset release. I’ll talk about the features I implemented in detail later but Bob has a nice overview of the changes on his blog.

Staying current with the Windows Installer changes is important to those of us that work on the WiX toolset. That is why we work hard to get the changes in as quickly as possible. In addition to staying current, we also help flush out bugs for the Windows Installer team. I think Bob and I have reported six bugs (mostly documentation issues) so far. Those of you that pick up these builds will help further validate both the WiX toolset and Windows Installer 5.0.

So keep coding, you know I am.