First bug fixed in RobMensching.Blog.

I just fixed the first bug in my new RobMensching.Blog engine. When I finally got around to running the engine's new feed through the Feed Validator. I had tested subscribing to the feed with IE's built in feed rendering as well RSS Bandit and Live Writer. But, of course, the Feed Validator found two more issues.

  1. feed/@uri - I had incorrectly named this attribute “url”. Typical mistake. I wish “i” and “l” were more distinguishable (not that I would have noticed anyway <grin/>).

  2. feed/entry/@id - turns out an ATOM entry id is supposed to be full URI. That makes sense for the case where an entry floats alone.

Unfortunately, this bug means that once again, those of you that subscribe to the feed are going to see a bunch of duplicates. I’m sorry. The only upside is that I think it won’t happen again.