Now running RobMensching.Blog.

After a couple bumps this morning, I finally upgraded my blog to the brand new RobMensching.Blog engine. All of the old links should redirect to their new location, especially the feed subscription link, so no need to worry about updating your links. However, if you are subscribed to my feed you probably saw a few duplicate entries show up since the RobMensching.Blog engine generates entry/@ids differently than Subtext.

So how about a few fun facts about RobMensching.Blog engine:

  • 50% Software + 50% Service - I very much prefer writing and editing blog entries in a client rather than a web browser. That’s why I love the “Software plus Service” message promoted by Microsoft. Thus RobMensching.Blog is built around the awesomeness that is Windows Live Writer. Not only are posts completely managed by Writer but I route comment moderation through the custom buttons in Writer. There is no “admin console” on the server side.

  • 100% AtomPub - the RSS and the MetaWeblog API specifications felt very gooey and hacky to me. Conversely the Atom and AtomPub RFCs felt specific and well designed. When I learned that Writer would support AtomPub I was elated that I could completely bypass RSS and MetaWeblog API.

  • 5% the code - Subtext always felt incredibly bloated for me. Subtext has roughly 37,000 lines of code (I skipped all unit test code, blank lines and comments). RobMensching.Blog has about 4,000 lines of code but 2000 of that is generated by LINQ to SQL. That means there is really only 1,900 lines of actual code or 5% of Subtext. Now Subtext does a bit more than RobMensching.Blog but I didn’t want most of it. 1,900 is a lot easier for me to remember, enhance and verify later.

As I mentioned before the server is running IIS7, .NET Framework v3.5, ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server 2005 via LINQ to SQL.

I may make the source code available in the future but there are a few more things I want to implement before considering that. In the meantime, please let me know if you find any issues or have any comments about the new look and feel. I control all of the code now so improvements are only limited by my available time.