WiX toolset bug count after April 30th, 2009.

I have to admit, this week I was worried that we weren't going to be able to meet last week's bug count for the WiX toolset. Mike was out on holiday and we were starting with 3 extension bugs. Eric was also out so we probably weren't going to take care of the last MSBuild bug. Fortunately, Jason was able to kill off all the DTF bugs (again) and pulled off an amazing feat of profiling to nuke a Votive bug. Fredrik took care of the COM+ extension issue and I got the other two extension bugs plus the candle bug. Brian took one heat bug and one dark bug.

The end result is 7 bugs this week, one down from last week. Fantastically better than I feared when I woke up this morning. Hopefully, next week we'll have a full crew on deck and push the count down even further.

One thing that will be helping us push the bug count down is that we're going to start ratcheting up the bar on bugs. So, unless really bad stuff happens (like crash or data corruption), we will be punting bugs out of the core toolset now. Votive, MSBuild, extensions and heat bugs are still fair game though. So we're not done but one week closer.




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