WiX toolset bug count after May 7th, 2009.

Tonight was another good night for the WiX toolset. We're down one more bug from last week leaving us with 6 bugs. Earlier this week, Mike and I tracked down a really nasty memory corruption bug in the IIS CustomAction that was actually manifesting as a crash in the SecureObjects CustomAction (brutal to track down). A number of MSBuild issues popped up this week and were dealt with promptly. Also, Brian was able to get us back down to zero heat bugs. Very nice.

In any case, our glide path is looking really nice. I'd love to see the last MSBuild bug disappear because that will just leave us with four VS2005 bugs (which are mostly looking like limitations in VS) and an annoying performance issue. In other words, nothing horrible and only in Votive. Everything is locking down well. I'm quite happy with our progress.

That also means you should expect to see us punting most bugs to WiX v4 in the coming weeks. If it doesn't crash or corrupt data, we're probably not fixing it in WiX v3 any more.




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