WiX toolset bug count after May 14th, 2009.

Pretty quiet night tonight fixing bugs on the WiX toolset. That was pretty much expected since there aren't many bugs left. No Votive progress since Justin and Jason were both out. Eric took out one MSBuild bug and is trying to devise a solution to the single remaining bug. Basically, we're right where we were last week in the bug count.

On the side, Mike killed a bug in the XML CustomAction that was reported by email. Brian also added the ability for heat to load extensions that aren't referenced in the heat.exe.config file. That'll make it much easier for others to extend heat after WiX v3 ships.

At this point, we're only going to be fixing bugs in Votive and MSBuild for two more weeks. The rest of the WiX toolset is locked down and we'll only take crash or corruption bugs. Everything will be in escrow for June. Things are going well and I'm very excited that we'll soon be able to focus fully on WiX v3.5.




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