WiX toolset bug count after May 21st, 2009.

It was six weeks ago that a full blue moon graced my bug charts for the first time. Tonight it happened again but with half of the bugs. That right, tonight we hit 5 bugs and all of them are open against Votive.

Eric did a fantastic job running down all the remaining MSBuild bugs and coming up with solutions (some quite creative) to resolve them all. That effort is why we are down to only a few Votive bugs. Eric has been a huge help picking up MSBuild, just like Brian picked up heat.

Also this afternoon Bob, Candy and I punted to WiX v4 the first bug I really wanted to fix. That process deserves a blog entry of its own but suffice it to say that we are serious about reducing churn in the project and shipping WiX v3.0. In fact, next week whatever bugs that are not fixed are probably punted. In the case of Votive for VS2005 bugs, we'll probably just close them since we're not planning to do any future work on Votive for VS2005 in the future. WiX v3.5 will focus on VS2010 and VS2008 support.

So next week, either this chart will be empty or we'll be slipping the WiX v3.0 final build date. You know what outcome I'm hoping for. <smile/>




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