WiX toolset bug count after June 19th, 2009.

Remember last time when I mentioned that if you didn't hear me talking about WiX v3.0 that would be a good thing? Well, all is not lost but we did take a bug fix tonight so I would appreciate it if everyone would download the latest WiX v3.0 build (with today's date or newer) and make sure all is well for you. The fix is small and very targeted so I'm not expecting problems.

The bug fixes was SFBUG:280526. It was found while Heath was investigating another bug related to language transforms. The issue boils down to bogus logic skipping the validation flags that determine how/when a transform applies. This means that if you use the WiX toolset to build language transforms or patches (which contain embedded transforms) then you need to pick up this drop to make sure everything works correctly.

We've been punting a lot of bugs to WiX v3.5 when there is some sort of work around. This bug, unfortunately, had no work around. Hopefully this is the last bug we take for WiX v3.0 and we will still ship on July 4th.

Below is the pie chart representing our bug count. Yes, it's zero again.


no bugs pie chart


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