Pondering a Manifesto.

Bob just sent me a link to the Redis Manifesto via Twitter. He's was supportive as I vented off some of this week's frustrations. After reading the link, I believe Bob is right. I need to write the WiX Toolset Manifesto.

January was a very full month.  I rebuilt this blog, turned the wixtoolset.org on, put together a presentation for TechReady14 (wish I could share a link to that with you all) and tackled some of the hardest remaining bugs in Burn (slipstreaming anyone?). I'm pretty toasty all the way around.

Fortunately, I'm off for a much needed week of vacation. I'm going as technology-free as possible. I'll jot down ideas with paper and pen between bouts of eating, reading, swimming and sleeping. We will see what comes of it all I get back.

In the meantime, keep coding. I'm off for some (dare I say) much deserved R&R.

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