WiX toolset joins the .NET Foundation

Today the WiX Toolset joins the .NET Foundation. That means we will be moving from the Outercurve Foundation which has supported us over the last few years to join the many active .NET Foundation projects. Just like our first move from Microsoft to Outercurve this was a work in progress for a long time. So just like back then, let me walk through why we're doing this now and what changes.

First things first

While we’re excited to be joining the .NET Foundation, I do want to take a moment to thank the Outercurve Foundation for all their assistance over the years. They supported us as fully independent open source project since 2012. They also made this entire process of moving to the .NET Foundation very straightforward and painless. Fundamentally, Outercurve has done right by our community and for that we thank them.

Why now?

When the .NET Foundation first launched in 2014 it was pretty clear their goals aligned with ours. However, there were a few key services missing before the WiX toolset could consider moving. For example, .NET Foundation did not provide a mechanism to digitally sign installation packages. But as more projects joined the .NET Foundation they added additional services to meet the needs of those projects.

Last summer I met with Martin Woodward—the .NET Foundation’s Executive Director—to discuss what requirements remained. The list was short. If anything Martin and I came away more convinced that the .NET Foundation would be a good home for the WiX toolset. So Martin said he’d work on that list and I’d think about when would be a good time to start the move.

Originally, I was thinking move after WiX v3.10. But, as you know, WiX v3.10 quickly turned into WiX v3.10.1. Then there was WiX v3.10.2. After WiX v3.10.2 was released I thought it was finally a good time to start the process. So I sent email to Martin. Then, WiX v3.10.3 happened which meant the timing was no longer ideal but what can you do?

Ultimately, the most important part was finding a holiday in late April/early May when the work would be done and we could make this formal announcement. Bob found us that holiday.

So today we celebrate Star Wars Day with our announcement that the WiX toolset joins the .NET Foundation!

What changes?

The WiX toolset’s copyright headers and signing certificate change to “.NET Foundation”. The assignment agreement process also changes to a contributor license agreement (CLA) process which is completely automated. This fully automated CLA process is probably the biggest benefit to joining the .NET Foundation.

Other than that, nothing about the WiX toolset changes with this move. We’re still well supported by FireGiant and now by the .NET Foundation. But more importantly, we’re still the same people still fighting the good fight.

So keep on coding. You know I am. Oh, and…

May the Force be with you!