WiX v3.10.3 Release Candidate

Today we released what we hope is the final release candidate for WiX v3.10.3. We also hope this is the final release in the WiX v3.10 saga completely. The focus of this release was to address the failure to load GDI+ in BootstrapperApplications. If you have a WinForms based BA this fix is for you. We also addressed a couple regressions from WiX v3.10.2 so if you have WiX v3.10.2, this release is for you. Finally, if you were waiting for any reason to upgrade from WiX v3.6, v3.7, v3.8, v3.9, v3.10, v3.10.1 then this release is for you too. In other words, if you're using the WiX Toolset, I highly recommend testing this release. It has all the security and bug fixes rolled up together.

There are a lot of things to learn from these WiX v3.10.x releases. I hope to make the time to go back and write down some of my thoughts. I think we have a great case study here of how production level software is hard to get right.