The Big Four Oh

A lot of people make a big deal out of turning 40. There are plenty of popular sayings, jokes and even movies about turning 40. But most of them are negative. But I don't know why. I don't feel that way. Maybe it's because I don't feel like I'm 40 today. But I am 40 today and it's time to review.

So I looked back at 39. I loved this part, "I'll deal with 40--whatever that means--when I turn 40." Yeah, I clearly still do not know what it means.

Otherwise, this year looks to be a continuation of last year. Which would be a pretty good thing in the end.


At our small family birthday party this weekend, my parents made a comment how thankful they were that our lives were so drama free. They have friends who tell stories about their children that are anything but.

That echoed my comments last year. My life is not very exciting for outside observers.

In my family of four, we each have our routines and each of us thrive in them in our own way together. And, occasionally, we all head off on an adventure, usually to see extended family, and have some fun.

It's a good life.


This last year, we quietly launched our first product at FireGiant: the WiX Expansion Pack. Shipping software and providing commercial support for the WiX Toolset is what always I dreamed we'd be doing at FireGiant. But, in many ways, it still feels like we're still just getting started. But, honestly, it's always felt that way. I'm always excited for what the next week will bring us at FireGiant.

I guess that's why I love my job so.


Which brings me to the part where I look forward to the next year. For the last 4 years, I've felt each year would be the year that it all finally clicked. That's led to 4 years of reasonable success overshadowed by a bit of angst that I just wasn't quite making it.

This year, my expectations for how much can be realistically completed in 365.25 days are tempered. Maybe I'm getting wiser. Maybe I'm just getting older.

Either way, I'm still very excited about all that we have yet to do.

So keep coding. You know I am!

FireGiant provides dedicated support for the WiX toolset. Ever wish you could get your WiX questions answered immediately with the technical detail that you find in the blog posts here? You can with FireGiant!

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