Forty Five More Normal

Last year I wrote about turning 44 and our life during this pandemic. I signed off with 'Here's hoping life gets more back to normal by this fall.' And life did get more back to normal. Today I turn 45. Let's recap the last year.


My kids returned to school almost exactly a year ago. Outdoor organized sports were also held again. That provided a lot of normalcy for my son and daughter.

After several months working in neuro, my wife’s hand therapy position became available again. She jumped at the opportunity to switch back to that. She was hired and being back in hand therapy, at her original clinic no less, improved her work life significantly.

I lost 40 pounds before I faced a brutal deadline at the end of 2021 and gained 10 pounds. That was pretty encouraging. I’m now working to lose the last 30 pounds of my goal.

And that’s it. Progress towards normalcy but we’re not there yet. The same is true at work.


Last year, I hoped WiX v4.0 would be completed in 2021. We made significant progress and released WiX v4.preview.0. But a couple large FireGiant customer projects in the second half of the year derailed WiX v4.0.

We’re back at WiX v4.0 now and there isn’t a lot left. But there is enough work in WiX v4.0 that another couple large customer projects could push the release late this year. Nothing has really changed.


I’m again going to say that this year will be the year that WiX v4.0 releases. In the past, when I said that I was hopeful we could finish. This year, I’ll be immensely disappointed in myself if WiX v4.0 isn’t completed.

My goals are clear.

So, keep coding. You know I am! And stay safe out there. Stay healthy.