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Forty Five More Normal

Last year I wrote about turning 44 and our life during this pandemic. I signed off with 'Here's hoping life gets more back to normal by this fall.' And life did get more back to normal. Today I turn 45. Let's recap the last year.

After I wrote most of this blog post the night of October, 5th 2021 I wasn't sure I would post it. After the events of the last 36 hours, I felt I needed to capture my experience on my website where it can only be edited by me. After reading this, I hope you will have a clear set of datapoints from my point of view. After this is all over, I hope something good comes of it.

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My son plays in a year round soccer club. The pandemic shut down games for all of 2020 after March. When games resumed in 2021, only one parent was allowed to attend. I was already recording practices for my son to review using my phone when I decided to level-up my technology to record his games. I figured with a bit better technology, I could capture the boys' games and share the video with all the parents via YouTube. Everyone was very appreciative and a couple parents asked about the technology I use. So let's break it down.

Me recording the game my son is ready to enter.

WiX Toolset v4-preview.0

In WiX v4, a new .NET tool named wix replaces the command-line tools with cute names like candle.exe and light.exe. The new wix tool combines the functionality of those different tools into commands such as convert and build. Let's dig into those two commands to demonstrate how to upgrade your v3 .wxs source code to v4 and then compile it.


Forty Four and a Year of Pandemic

Today I turn 44. Like each year before this, I want to take a moment and reflect on the last year and look into the next. In particular, I haven't written about life here during the COVID-19 pandemic and I want to capture some memories. I'll also look ahead a bit.

I want to talk about reciprocal Open Source licenses for a minute. Most major projects are permissively licensed so you might be thinking, 'Why should I care about reciprocal licenses?' Well, there is one very important difference between reciprocal and permissive licenses: how they support their community.

Nicola Barnett,

I am Forty Three

Today I turn 43! That means it is time to take a moment and reflect on last year and what is to come. Now last year I signed off with the hope that today's birthday review would be "a lot more interesting".


Forty Two

Last year I mentioned that I've felt like I am 28. That still holds true today. But, for the last year, I was somehow convinced that I was 42. It wasn't until something like September--discussing plans for my wife's birthday if I recall correctly--that I realized I was mistaken. But, today I actually turn 42. So here's to a second year as 42!